Prepare to Pay Through the Nose for the Vita's Proprietary Memory Cards

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Rather than adopting one of the many memory card formats readily available on the market, Sony is launching a special proprietary format for use in the PlayStation Vita. A format so magical it'll run you anywhere from $29.99 to $119.99 at GameStop.


With memory cards having dropped in price drastically since the launch of the PSP, I figured the little storage miracles weren't something my wallet would have to worry about too much for the launch of the PlayStation Vita. With every game for the new system available as a downloadable purchase, I was fully prepared to stock up on huge memory cards to hold every little bit of entertainment I could get my hands on. At these prices, maybe not.

GameStop is currently listing four models of the proprietary card for preorder, starting with the $29.99 4GB flavor and scaling on up to the massive $119.99 32GB model. That's $3.75 per gigabyte, for those of you playing along with your operating system's calculator. The numbers jibe with the prices in Japan we've previously discussed.

That's a rather hefty price tag for premium storage, but then I remember spending $125 on a 100MB IDE hard drive so I could give the users of my BBS the slow-downloading pornography they so rightly deserved.

Besides, I've already put my money down on a Vita first edition bundle with a 4GB memory card included, so I'm set. How about you?

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you know part of the reason they have to create new cards is because they don't want to pay to use SD cards. using their own format they have no one to pay to.

SD cards apparently were made to compete with the memory stick.

why would Sony use SD if its the competition?

If Sony wanted high speed memory cards for their platform (so people don't bitch about slow loading times) they have to make their own. otherwise pay who ever owns SD cards.

more than likely they thought "ok we save money and get faster cards for our devices" and "if we used SD cards people would get cheap ones with slow loading times, and then bitch that we're not doing enough for loading speeds"...

So, with that thinking i'm sure these cards won't be JUST for the vita...but for other sony devices too.

frankly i don't think people realize there are different reading speeds for SD cards...

NOTE: the reason why they might need to make a new memory stick is because their old format can't reach class 10 reading speeds (10-20mb/s).

memory sticks read at 4-5mb/s