How the Vita Might Bite You in the Ass

When Sony revealed the PS Vita's pricing earlier this year, the WiFi only model was announced for US$249.99 and the 3G/WiFi model was announced at $299.99. That's true. That's how much the hardware costs. But if you want to play some great games, then ready your wallet and pony up cash.

As previously posted, some Vita games will require memory cards for game saves. Those titles include Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which, if you are sane and buying a Vita, you'll be picking up. Obviously, if you are bonkers, you won't be.


Also, as previously posted, several types of memory cards will be available: 4GB (¥2,200 or US$29), 8GB (¥3,200 or $42), 16GB (¥5,500 or $72), and 32GB (¥9,500 or $124).

This means if you plan on saving, say, your Uncharted: Golden Abyss games, then you'll need to buy one of these Memory Cards. This Dec. if you buy a 4GB memory card and a Vita in Japan, you'll be spending the rough equivalent of $279. If you go all out and buy a Vita and 32GB memory card, you'll be spending the rough equivalent of $374.

The figures are slightly inflated due to the exchange rate. Moreover, Sony Computer Entertainment of America hasn't provided details about Vita memory card pricing for North America.


Let's not even add in the 3G plans, m'kay? Japan's 3G plans are announced, but the Vita's 3G plans for the U.S. aren't. If you are interested, here are what the Japanese plans look like.


The Vita doesn't (yet) feature the same mammoth internal storage that the PS3 does—or even that most MP3 players do. Sony might have taken out the internal memory to lower the price and compete with the 3DS. Eventually, I wouldn't be surprised if sizable internal memory came to the Vita. But for now, don't expect to smack down $250 for a Vita and then be able to save whatever games come your way.

(Top photo: Chris Weeks | AP)

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