Preorder Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded And You Get these Things

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Square Enix dropped us a line today to show off the wonderful preorder incentive for Kingdom Hearts Re: coded available at GameStop and What is it?

According to Square Enix PR, this is a lovely set of stickers. Yes, either it's the late 80's again and no one told me, or stickers are back in style. Preordering Kingdom Hearts Re: coded for the DS in advance of its January 11 release date scores you an entire sheet of these bad boys.

Each sheet contains 32 decals representing various motif as in the Kingdom Hearts universe. The media advisory suggests you can mix and match them to create your own designs.


Thank goodness they provided an image of these as seen from a skewed angle. I'd hate for anyone to somehow figure out how to make their own stickers using it.

Stickers? Really!?

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oh man, if I was 5 again I'd be so on this right now

too bad I'm old and don't care about stickers, or if I did the internet wouldn't help me make some on my own

also, they look like apple app buttons