Microsoft sent out a big thank-you email to every participant in the monthlong Gears of War 3 beta, noting the outrageous stats it compiled and directing everyone to a set of desktop wallpapers and a printable target-practice poster. That might come in handy, as it took 25 rounds per kill, on average.

The email went out to anyone who downloaded the beta (I played it briefly and got the notice). It contains a link to a .zip (pick it up here) that offers some desktop backgrounds and a large .pdf of the practice target depicted in them. So run go get it.

For those curious, here's the final statistical tally, which Microsoft reported about 10 days ago:

Total Participants: 1.29 Million
Total Countries Playing the Beta: 145
Total Kills: 927 Million
Total Executions: 127 Million
Total Deaths by Chainsaw: 23 Million
Total Bullets Fired: 23 Billion
Total Match Time Played: 249 Years