Potential Apple Store Perverts Worry Hong Kong

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You know how Apple Stores have those elaborate glass staircases? They're elegant and stylish, sure, but in Hong Kong, they're causing some to worry about awful pervs.


See, the front of Hong Kong's flagship Apple Store is glass and the glass staircase faces a main road—both provide possible peeping opportunities for unsavory types.

The store first opened in Hong Kong last fall. But with summer and summer clothing, female shoppers have voiced concerns that the staircase and the glass front can make them victims of unwanted peeping. In an Apple Daily news report, some female Apple customers, however, were not so worried. Others seemed to be concerned.

"Actually I have noticed it (glass staircase), but what I see it's not a fully transparent glass, it's that kind of matte finish," said one female customer from Shenzhen (via MIC). "In fact... I'm not so worried..."

Another one of the woman interviewed said she would be more careful in the future when in the store.

No wonder a woman's commission for a Hong Kong political party listed the spot as a location that can reveal far more than shoppers intend.

The design of the Hong Kong store shows one constant flaw in Apple products: They look and seem great and wonderful in the abstract, but sometimes less so in real world conditions.


透明樓梯無遮無掩蘋果旗艦店最易走光 [Apple Daily via MIC]

(Top photo: MIC)


Was that last line even necessary, or true, for that matter? The whole article just explains the news-worthy part, then bam, an opinion. Maybe I am marred by watching Newsroom.