Postal Opening On Four Screens (Yes, FOUR)

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Uwe Boll's Postal is getting a limited release. A very, very limited release. Make that very, very, very limited. Four theaters, actually. Says Boll via press release:

Theatrical distributors are boycotting Postal because of its political content. We were prepared to open on 1500 screens all across America on May 23rd. Any multiplex in the U.S. should have space for us, but they're afraid... We have even tried to buy a few screens in New York and Los Angeles, and they won't let us even rent the theaters! I urge independent exhibitors to contact us and book 'Postal'! Audiences have been expecting the film and I don't think exhibitors should censor what gets played in U.S. theaters.


The movie will open on May 23rd in four cities on four movie screens. Yep.


@Scott3D: I think it's safe to say that if you ran his movies, you wouldn't own a theater branch for long.

Let's look at the numbers, kids: Uwe Boll hasn't made a successful film, yet. All of his previous films have been released in cinema DEAD ZONES. Times like February and October, when nothing is in theaters.

It is now the heart of the movie-going season. One to two blockbuster movies per week and counter-programming movies against them, like Made of Honor. The only reason it has such a high score (29%) at Rotten Tomatoes is because so few reviews exist on it, the two good ones drag the four bad ones up. The movie has NO bankable star (Sorry, Dave) and has had NO marketing. It is amateurish, cheap and potentially offensive to some consumers, and doesn't even have the plug-in audience of Harold & Kumar (who already did a similar schtick and didn't do too well at the box office, themselves).

If you've got ten theaters, are you going to show Indy IV, Prince Caspian, Speed Racer, Iron Man, Baby Mama, War Inc and some highly-rated foreign films...or are you going to waste an entire theater on a film with a director's who's last film earned $2.8 million on it's opening weekend during JANUARY? One who's highest grossing film to date was $5 million? No, you're not. You're going to save that theater for the films that make more in one day than any of Boll's films have made IN THEIR ENTIRE RUNS.

It's fine that Boll makes movies to fail for tax purposes, but could he just SHUT UP ABOUT IT?