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The best part of American Idol is when someone overcomes their disadvantaged past and advances to Hollywood. This year, that person is Jackie Tohn, and her disadvantage is an acting credit blame in Postal.


TMZ notes that Tohn played Faith, a pistol-packing barista and the female lead in Uwe Boll's specturdular film adaptation of Postal this past summer. In her Idol audition, Jackie started off by singing "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz and, gratefully, Simon shut her down, demanding to hear her natural singing voice. So Jackie opened up her boozy, weatherbeaten Waffle House waitress pipes - and the window behind the judges collapsed. OK, that was a correlative relationship, not causative, but all four said why not and she moved on.

Next up, Heather Fox (acting credits include, literally, "Toilet Paper Eating Patient") overcomes her role as Rose Largo in Need for Speed: Undercover to advance on America's Got Talent.

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