Portal 2's Co-Op Robots Rampage Through Grand Theft Auto IV

This montage of Portal 2's ATLAS and P-body raising hell in Liberty City comes to you from the same guy who commissioned the insane death-dealing R2-D2 mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. It is outstanding. Just sit back and enjoy.




This reminds me how badly I've always wanted an open-world sci-fi game with the same level of detail/interactivity as the GTA series... Seriously, why does every sandbox game have to be grounded in reality? I want a sprawling metropolis with jutting, angular skylines, dotted with the neon glow of hover-cars weaving in and out of traffic while brilliantly-coloured lasers from the nightclubs below dance in the fog and the clean, calm voices of the billboards ring out against the dull whizzing and whirring of the night.

Basically I want Deus Ex: HR and Mass Effect, but without the bafflingly-small and empty hubs and corridors that they tried to pass off as cities.