Portal 2 So Cute We're Giving Them Free Advertising

Sure, it's prerendered. Sure, it's just a little teaser commercial. But it's totes adorbs*. And if all goes to plan, it's all the new information about Portal 2 I'm going to see before I play it. (* "Totilo-class Adorable")


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Zelda did it!

Does anyone know how it's gonna work with that PS3 version including the PC version?

Could it work to buy it with a friend, that I use the PC version and he the PS3? Or is there some kind of limit, like we can't play on the same time or something?

I imagine there is a limit, otherwise all PC players will buy the PS3 version, install the PC version and sell the PS3 version again. But I'm just not sure and would like to know more about it.