Poo-Poo to The Man

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Cabin Fever


Spent the holiday and weekend with two good friends and their family up in Oregon.

They have two daughters, Sophie, who is six, and Lillie, who is two. Sophie regularly writes letters to my cat and straps her baby doll, Emma, into a wobbly seat on the back of her hot pink BMX, before tearing off down the sidewalk like something out of Child Protective Services' worst sweating nightmare. Lillie is addicted to Quaker Instant "Eatmeal" and likes to make up stories on the fly. She told me one on Friday that had kind of a Faulkner-esque stream of consciousness, but it ended with her getting indignant enough to "say poo-poo to the man." Indeed. I think a lot of people join Lillie and Sophie in saying a hearty Poo-Poo to The Man.


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Poo-Poo to The Man : A new way of saying "shit happens". ;)