Pokemon Sun and Moon's Thick Villain, Wicke, Got Modded Into Smash Bros

There’s a Wicke skin for Super Smash for Wii U. If there’s anything that game definitely needed, it was everyone’s favorite Aether Foundation member crushing people with her thighs.

source: 64iOS

You never fight Wicke in Pokémon Sun and Moon, so this model is taken from her overworld sprite, which seems to have taken some work. Modder Scorpob even replaced her “trashy hands,” with Rosalina’s. The model itself is meshed onto Peach, giving her Peach’s moves with at least one change—instead of hitting your with her crown for her forward air attack, she takes off her glasses and smacks you with them.

If you’re hungry for more Sun and Moon skins for Smash, Scorpob also seem to be working on ya boy, Guzma.

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