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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet's Most Online Gym Leader Is Proud To Reveal: Frog

The wantonly clickbait streamer reveals her partner 'mon, and it has electric eyes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Iono and Bellibolt jump into a hideous mess of purple.
Screenshot: The Pokémon Company

Remember Tuesday? The day that Game Freak released a video for Pokémon Scarlet And Violet teasing a new electric-type monster. It revealed Iona, a Gym Leader for next month’s game who looks like a vtuber and clickbaits like one, too. Today, we get to know the brand new Pokémon who will be her in-game main.

It’s Bellibolt, which looks like a Politoad moved in next door to a McDonald’s. Did you guess right? Did you guess a Pokémon that has never existed before?! Iono literally trolls in this new video about the dirty practices.

The Pokémon Company

“Save this scene in your brainspaces forever!”

Let me tell you about “EleFrog Pokémon” Bellibolt. It’s a squishy Electric-type, and expands and contracts its body in order to generate electricity, which it does “in an organ that looks like a belly button.” That’s not the only part of its body that isn’t what it looks like—those “eyes” on the sides of its head are in fact the bumps from which it discharges its electricity. Which is horrifying. The tiny dots above its mouth are its true kawaii eyes.


One of its ability is Electromorphosis, which is brand new too, and allows Bellibolt to essentially absorb energy from enemy attacks, making its follow-up more powerful. Which is definitely neat.

We also learned a bit more about Iono herself, which is that she’s the Gym Leader for a region called Levincia, and specializes in Electric-types. It’ll be interesting to see if her frenetic streaming videos appear in the game, too, and indeed whether there will be an attempt to localize them, or leave her voice in the original Japanese.


A second shorter video also appeared today, this one showing Iono and Bellibolt in battle, and also a Bellibolt out in the wild, fighting other wild monsters.

The Pokémon Company

Only five more weeks of this madness before the game is finally actually in our hands and Switches, on November 18.