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Pokemon Pizza Party

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Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Pizza! And not just any pizza, Pokémon pizza! This was ordered tonight for dinner, one regular mayonnaise covered pizza and one Pikachu pizza set. With the meal, we got a special Pokémon plastic divider and Pokémon stickers. Curious to see what the actually pies look like? That after the jump.

Illustration for article titled Pokemon Pizza Party

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@Benzak: Then you haven't had real New York pizza. There are only a few places even in New York these days that you can get it. Real New York pizza has to be cooked in a coal oven, and there are only maybe 5 or 6 restaurants licensed to have one anymore. Coal gets the temperature of the oven up to about 850 degrees - 300 degrees hotter than a gas oven - and that's how you get the crispy crust and the smoky flavor. Also, while there's no guarantee the two things go hand in hand, generally these few pizzerias are also the ones that remember how to prepare the dough and the toppings in the traditional ways.

You can't just walk in to any corner pizzeria in New York and think you're eating New York pizza. That's like walking into a grocery store in San Francisco, buying a loaf of Wonder bread and then saying you've had real San Francisco sourdough.

As for pizza in Japan, it's getting better. Last time I was there, it was actually hard for us to find any of the wacky stuff they'd had there on my first trip. We couldn't find any pizza with eggs on it, for example, or soba noodles. Somebody mentioned visiting Dominos' Japan web page, but honestly, it's really not that entertaining anymore. Most of their pizza is pretty traditional - in some ways, more traditional than Dominos in the US!

One of my wife's friends actually got us pizza while we were there that was better than any corner pizzeria in NYC. And she wasn't trying, it was just her neighborhood pizzeria in Urayasu.

The mayo thing is common, but that's just a regional thing. Go anywhere in the United States and there are regional pizza things that people from elsewhere consider weird too. But the *real* wacky stuff is disappearing, and Japanese pizza these days is very close to a generic "American style" pizza. Some, like what we had, is even pretty close to real Italian pizza.