Manga is flat. It’s on printed paper. It’s two-dimensional. This manga is somewhat different and totally wonderful.

As pointed out by Get News, this “2.5D manga” was created by an artist named Muneo Saito.


Besides working as a manga artist on several comics published in Weekly Shonen Sunday and CoroCoro Comic, Saito did the manga Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys. Saito has also worked at Game Freak (more here), doing Pokémon designs since the second generation.

On Twitter, Saito has been uploading a series of 2.5 manga images. The plot for the 2.5 manga below involves a transfer student, who gets assigned to a seat in the back row. Even if you don’t read Japanese, you should be able to follow the story:

Making them seems rather complex, and here’s a look at how it’s done:

If you like this 2.5D manga art (or just art in general), you should follow Saito on Twitter.


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