PlayStation Owners Can Soon Vote On PS Plus Games

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It’s called Vote to Play, and I’ve gotta admit, it’s pretty cool. There are some catches, of course.


Sony platform marketing VP John Koller announced this new initiative on Sony’s blog today.

Players can’t pick which games qualify for PlayStation Plus out of thin air, so it’s not like Fallout 4 is suddenly going to become “free.” Instead, Sony’s promising a selection of games for the community to vote on, and the one that wins out will become part of the following month’s set.


The games that don’t win, however, will become discounted for PS Plus members.

Whether or not Vote to Play takes off will depend on what games Sony offers up, though it makes me worry the thing turns into a sheer popularity contest. One reason Rocket League has been such a success is because it came out of nowhere—who would have voted for that game? Then again, it seems like Vote to Play will only determine one of the games included in the monthly PS Plus lineup, so I’d assume Sony will continue to make their own choices for it, too.

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Howard the Duck

This can either be great or infuriating, and I'm not sure which I favor at the moment.