PlayStation Move Takes Another Poke At Kinect

Earlier this week, Kevin Butler, Sony's (fake) V.P. o'snark, took a dig at Kinect in the latest TV commercial for PlayStation Move. Now there's an entire site up implying that buttons in motion control result in games that "don't suck."

Advertisement drives home the point by making you click a button 48 times to get to the end of the spiel, definitely written in a Butler-esque tone of voice. But, directly slamming Kinect's you-are-the-controller design, Sony calls buttons important - "Not like 'save the whales important,' more like 'not play games that suck' important.'"

Pause buttons are important, the site says. What about spoken commands? "There's no way that could backfire," it points out. Further, with buttons "game developers can make them do anything! That means games with buttons are awesome, too." Burrrrrrn.

OK, Sony, we get it. Buttons are useful to motion control gaming. We've known that for about, oh, three years.

Yay Buttons [Site]

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