PlayStation Expands To Latin America

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Check off another region on the globe that Sony has infiltrated. The company is officially bringing the PlayStation to Latin America.

The PLAYSTATION 3, the PSP, the PS2 and the PlayStation Network services will be available for 13 countries throughout Latin America thanks to a distribution deal with Sony Latin America.

"Our commitment to expand PlayStation business into Latin America supports our vision to provide access to social entertainment experiences that can be shared among friends and family from around the world," said Mark Stanley, director and general manager, Latin America, SCEA. "This expansion is the direct result of us listening closely to our community, and we're proud to deliver premium hardware and software services that will allow them to easily connect, play and communicate with one another."


In the coming weeks, official website will feature a localized site for users in Latin America with access to the PlayStation Blog, product pages and public forums.


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we have had playstation "officially" since the PS2 days (allthough they arrived much later than the Xbox 1 believe it or not). But they've always sucked at everything here. Zero marketing, unlike Nintendo and Microsoft over here in Mexico (I can see DS and Wii commercials during new episodes of Desperate Housewives in cable over here or Halo 3 commercials back in the day during prime time futbol games) and super sucky pricing. Not to mention customer support.

I guess this is good news then?