Players Have Already Found Ways To Glitch Out Of Call Of Duty: WWII Levels

Players dedicated to breaking games have been hard at work hunting for glitches in Call of Duty WWII, and they’ve already found ways to get outside of the normal map areas areas and make themselves invincible to zombies.


Take the beaches of Normandy for instance. It’s kind of a rule at this point that if you release a shooter that takes place during WWII you have to have a D-Day level. The new Call of Duty’s depiction has improved graphics compared to older versions, unless you glitch out of the maps in which case things start to get weird, including, among other things, flattened, 2D 1940s men storming the beaches in reverse.

The folks over at Exploit Theory discovered that earlier in the game’s D-Day level there’s a small sliver of walkable space you can use to escape the confines of the level. Performing the glitch requires first clearing out the enemies at the level’s initial bunker and then turning left. From there, if you hop up on a nearby concrete barrier and inch past it there’s a path you can follow that will eventually lead you to the edge of the map.


There are lots of other glitches surfacing as well. An exploit on the Gustav Cannon multiplayer map will let you glitch out of the map too, while other cheats have let players get through levels in Zombies mode by escaping them altogether. You effectively trick the game into letting you respawn behind a wall but still be able to shoot the zombies.

As the days and weeks progress, Sledgehammer will no doubt fix some of these bugs, but more are sure to surface so long as players keep looking for them. And if you’ve ever wanted to take a break from all the shooting to explore a big game’s environments in methodical, broken detail, these are great tools for that.

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Pretty sweet that it came with an early release that didn’t let you connect to their servers for 6 hours. New preorder bonus I guess.