Player Makes Mario Kart-Style Racetrack In Fortnite

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Screenshot: Fortnite Battle Royale (Reddit)

Fortnite’s Playground mode is a good way for players to practice their skills among friends, but it’s also becoming fertile ground for ambitious creations. Instead of building towers to snipe from, players can build non-competitively, similar to a shared Minecraft server. As a result, you can get glorious monuments like “Tilted Track,” a Mario Kart-inspired tribute to Fortnite’s Tilted Towers.

Shared on the game’s subreddit by JoshB_C, the maze-line structure of interwoven towers and paths was built during an instance of Playground for people to race their shopping carts through. Shopping carts can be operated in the game like scooters, with players pressing jump to speed it up before putting their feet up on the back to coast for short stretches. It’s a lot faster than running, and so perfect for racing, even if the players in the video showing off the track aren’t quite on the level of Supermarket Sweep contestants yet.

The course itself looks very impressive, with long ramps, spiralling staircases, and large overarching pedestrian bridges. If Nintendo ever made a Fortnite-themed track for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Gif: Fortnite Battle Royale (Tilted Track )

Much like the Playground Mode itself, shopping carts have had an extremely troubled implementation period since they were first announced on May 30. As of now though, both features are in the game and working, making it possible for players to take a break from the bloodletting to build intricate stuff like the race course above. While Playground Mode matches give players extra resources and aren’t competition-focused, they’re still timed and only last an hour, meaning whatever people create during that time will eventually be washed away like sand castles at the shore.

Given the mode’s popularity at the moment, however, and all of the interesting stuff players are using it to create, one would hope that Epic Games might look at expanding it in the future. After all, Battle Royale originally started as a spin-off of the main survival-based game, so why not a Fortnite: Basically Minecraft spin-off as well?

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Well folks have been making these courses in Fornite for ages ever since they added hoverboards. They even added special boost tiles for hoverboards so this isn’t really new to be honest. But yea, people tend to forget that the game has a PvE mode I guess.