Playable TimeSplitters Levels Are Hidden In Homefront: The Revolution

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It doesn’t seem like a Timesplitters sequel is coming anytime soon, but as a consolation prize, Homefront: The Revolution has the next best thing.

The reviews haven’t been kind to Homefront: The Revolution so far—stay tuned for our own take on the game!—but hey, at least the game seems to have some cool easter eggs? One of those involves playable TimeSplitters 2!

Eurogamer has a video detailing how to find them, which is easy enough:

  1. Reach the game’s restricted zone area
  2. Find the area called The Bourse
  3. Go upstairs, find a seemingly broken arcade cabinet
  4. Voila!

There are two playable levels hidden in the game, though presumably more could be found, as more people dig into it. Perhaps this breathes new life into the possibility of a new Timesplitters, or an HD remaster?


Video Credit: Eurogamer

I’d love one, for what it’s worth. Played the heck out of those games!

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MEMORIES! Dammit, TS2 was some of the best couch multiplayer I ever had. It makes me sad we’ll never see a modern take on the series.