To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Ah Yes, Cable TV I've been hitting the Spore hard lately. In the past three days I've logged more hours than I'd like to admit playing through the space section. This afternoon I unlocked the Planet Buster Bomb. I'm now dutifully saving (yes, through acts of piracy) for one of these bad boys to feed to the Grox. I've managed to earn all but one of the ten titles in the game. I suspect that earning the last title, Omnipotent Being, will coincide with my arrival at the center of the universe and "beating" the game. I'm kinda psyched. Not because I want to beat Spore but because I want to see what happens when I earn all the badges and explore most of the known universe. I suspect little or nothing will actually happen, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a giant Wright-head-shaped planet spewing Sim Ships at me out of it's mouth... yeah, probably nothing will happen. What you missed: More Tiny Billboards, This Time for LittleBigPlanet Video Games Live Volume One Impressions Need for Speed: Undercover Coming to iPhone Can Rock Band Really Teach You to Rock Out? Rumblings Of PS2 Chain Of Memories At GameStop Expo Jobs - iPhone Is The Best Portable Device For Games Microsoft: "No Comment" On Batshit Insane Xbox 360 Relaunch Rumor