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More Tiny Billboards, This Time for LittleBigPlanet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last week we pointed out, with the help of a telescope, the nifty new tiny Spore billboard found in San Francisco. Today a gamer his us up with images of another tiny billboard campaign, this one for LittleBigPlanet. The tiny billboards are being placed around major cities, apparently in the U.S. only for now. They were first noted in an eBay listing. Some lucky guy wandered outside of his work one day to find one of these tiny signs planted in the nearby dirt. After doing a bit of research he discovered it was destined to be pitched and instead got his hands on it. It was labeled 99 of 100. Helpful tipster Barry contacted SCEA's ad agency and managed to get them to send him a few more pics which he sent on to us and I've posted on the jump. So be on the lookout for these tiny little ads. We still have more than 90 to find. They're like real world Easter Eggs... but, you know, not eggs or for Easter. Little Big Planet Limited Edition Billboard Numbered [eBay]