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While the first iPhone games were announced earlier this year, today's Let's Rock event from Apple seems to have sharply defined gaming as a major focus for the mobile device. Hell, gaming is now listed as one of the main selling points of the new iPod Touch, but the biggest proof came today during the event, after Jobs had finished showing off Need for Speed Undercover and the new on-screen d-pad from Gameloft.

"Now you can make a pretty good argument that it is the best portable device for playing games on - and a whole new class of games"


You could make that argument, sure. I'd daresay Nintendo, Sony, and sales figures might have something to say about it as well, but feel free to make that argument all you want. Me? I'm still waiting for my Zune to blossom into a powerful gaming machine. *pokes Zune with stick and sighs* iPod Touch is 'best portable device for games' says Jobs [Develop]


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