Pip-Berry 3000

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This is where BlackBerry's got it over Apple - user defined homescreens. A modder skinned up a Pip-Boy theme for the device, which actually functions - as opposed to the for-show-only iPod Touch mod.


If you have a BlackBerry, you can pick this up over at Crackberry. It comes in green and blue, and the creator, sadosdemetrios, is soliciting donations.


Oooh, looks like Vault Boy's frowning because his right hand is disabled - too much thumbscrolling?

Update: The theme was removed from the original link (below). It can instead be found here.

PipBoy 3000 v1.5b+g : 83xx Curve [Crackberry, thanks Alvaro]

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Mildly unrelated. Was that John Krazincsky from the office in the commercials? "Did that screen just CLICK?! AMAZING!" ugh, worst marketing ever. Anyway, I don't own a cell phone, but if I did, this would be on it.

Jimminy Jillickers!