Pinball Wizards Are Not Welcome In Beacon, New York

Fred Bobrow, owner of the Retro Arcade Museum in Beacon, New York, might not look like a criminal to you, but he has broken Beacon Law, and paid the price.

Eighteen months after opening the Retro Arcade Museum in Beacon, Bobrow was forced to shut it down, thanks to an old law on the books outlawing pinball and arcade games in the city. A fine of $1,000 a day and the threat of jail time was more than enough to have Bobrow close his doors.


I wouldn't worry about them opening once more, however. As the CNN report indicates, many people on the Beacon city council think the Retro Arcade Museum is a good fit for the community, and actions are being taken to repeal the archaic law.

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Thanks to Kooberz for sending in the tip, and GamePolitics for reminding us that Kooberz sent it.

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