Pikmin 3 "Well Underway" Says Miyamoto

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Nintendo designer and Donkey Kong creator Shigeru Miyamoto was in London today to pick up his BAFTA fellowship award, an honor he reciprocated by delivering his acceptance speech in pure English. What did Miyamoto have to say, specifically about Pikmin?


According to the tweet-reporting of the Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Mr. Miyamoto offered the briefest of Pikmin updates. He says the third game in the series, which originated on the GameCube, is "well under way." Sure, we've known for some time that Nintendo is making another Pikmin game, but that it's "well under way" (and not forgotten) is at least comforting.

Hopefully, Miyamoto and Nintendo will have something more substantial for us at this year's E3 show than just an apology. We'd love to be able to remove Pikmin 3 from this list.

ONM UK [Twitter via Joystiq]



I feel pretty horrible when the Pikmin drown and when they get crushed or eaten. The psychological aspect is very different when you're directly participating in the action, such as with Olimar, instead of commanding units as a General in a far off base with a God-like perspective like in a typical RTS. Pikmin are more like non-English speaking comrades that need your help to survive extinction and in turn they help you find your ship parts to get off the planet. Anyway, I'm glad they didn't forget about the Pikmin series.