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Ack! Saying this lady loves Pikachu is an understatement. Known as "Pikabellechu," the 32-year-old PikaHolic owns over 8,000 Pikachu goods, including a Pikachu car she named "PikaBug." The Guinness World Record Member writes:

I attend many anime conventions, car shows and do lots of events for children..Official Pokemon Events,Birthday parties, School events and so on mostly as the Pokemon Character Ash cause I can do his voice dead on..I am also a cartoonist and paint many murals around my town and teach children art classes at a local craft store...Now I do alot of promotional things with Pokemon as there characters and my Poke'Womon Princesses.....and one day I shall Catch Em' All...


Yeah, well, good luck with that. Pikabellechu [Guinness World Records via GIGAZINE]

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