Didn’t you know? Pikachu friggin’ loves ketchup. And now, a major Japanese ketchup maker has roped in that electric rodent to help promote the stuff.

Kagome is rolling out a “I Love Pikachu’s Ketchup” campaign, complete with instructions on how to draw the character on a Japanese rice omelette. In case you are curious, like so:

And then:


Inside Games and My Navi report that people can also get special Pikachu ketchup bottle caps by trading in bar codes.

Or, you can try to snag a rice omelette plate shaped like Pikachu’s face or a Pikachu plush toy with the character holding a bottle of ketchup (there are only a thousand of each).


An artist’s mock-up, but how cute is this?

Pikachu has appeared on a ton of products in Japan, but as far as I know (and do correct me if I’m wrong!), this is the first time the character has sold ketchup.


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