Among Pokemon fans, it's well-known that Pikachu loves ketchup. Heck, back in 2000, Heinz even released a special edition ketchup with Pikachu on the bottle. But the character hasn't been seen eating it in the anime for years. That is, until last night.

As a refresher, here are scenes of yore featuring Pikachu eating ketchup. So cute!

And here is some fan art by Twitter user Muhobun, which is, likewise, cute.

In last night's episode, Korrina realizes that she hasn't gotten Pikachu's handprint in her souvenir book, so she grabs a bottle of ketchup, squirts some on Pikachu's paw and gets his handprint. Below, you can see images courtesy of Pokemon Matome:

For the rest of the scene, Pikachu is shown happily licking his little ketchup covered hand.

ピカチュウが数年ぶりに大好物の「ケチャップ」を食した時の表情をご覧下さい [Pokemon Matome]

Top photo: wded_3841

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