Pick Up Your NCAA Basketball 10 Named Rosters

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If you're tired of playing PG#11 for Kentucky or C#45 for Kansas in NCAA Basketball 10, Operation Sports has put together a full named roster file for the Xbox 360 version that's free and available for download right now.


To grab the file, follow these steps:

• Go to the NCAA 10 Main Menu
• Click Xbox Live
• Click My NCAA Online
• Click EA Locker
• Click Media Center
• Search for the file OS COACHES NAMES FULL VER 2 uploaded by ACEMAB194.

A dozen OSers contributed to building the file less than a week after its commercial release. They worked with the default roster on the retail game and created no players. Dynamic Updates will change the players' ratings as they progress through the season, but not their names or other information.

In addition to the verisimilitude, named rosters cuts down on announcer repetition. Without a name to call, they default to typically identifying players as "the senior," etc. Gus Johnson saying "the soph-a-more ...!" gets a little old after a while. This should help.

Again, this file is for the Xbox 360.

NCAA Basketball 10 Community Rosters (360) - Get Them Here! [Operation Sports via Pasta Padre]


Char Aznable

This game looks great, this makes me want it even more... love college hoops.