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This is a great video, and no matter who you are or what life you lead, you've run into your share of bullying and authoritarian bullshit. Except you aren't Gordon Freeman, and you didn't have a gravity gun. This is obviously a cheat-enabled sequence from the beginning of Half Life 2, but I'll watch it another 100 times after I get my next piece of mail from Technology Credit Union of San Jose, that's for sure. But I didn't laugh at this. Here's why.

It reminds me of a story my uncle told about his days in grade school. Someone screwed up and, as collective punishment, the teacher made everyone stay inside for recess. When she stepped out, he slipped a tack into her chair. She came back in, sat down - "she had to shift her weight so it would penetrate the layer of girdle fabric, or whatever" - and shot out of the chair. "No one in the class so much as cracked a smile," Bill said, "because we wanted to see her in pain." That's sort of the reaction I have to this Combine asshole. Oh and, here's the can, pal. Pick up the Can []