Pick The Best Board Game Trash Talk

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Okay, it took eons but we went through all your trash talk and pick our ten favorites. Now it's your turn to pick the best trash talk quip.


Here are the ten best trash talkers' trash talk that incorporated classic board games (Battleship, Yahtzee, Scrabble, etc.). The grand prize winner will get a sofa (yes, A SOFA) and an Xbox 360.

Here are the top ten:

One Haruhila: "Here's a seven point word for you: FAIL."

Two dfjkhsdkfjhsd: "I'd challenge you to a game of Connect Four, but you know, first you have to be able to count to four."

Three Patrick Shearer: "See, this is why I like board games. When I am kicking your ass in one of these, you don't mysteriously disconnect with 'internet problems'."

Four manbot: "You, with a board game in the living room. Thats the only way you're gonna beat me with Clue."

Five Superman64: "Maybe you should stick to playing Sorry, because that's what you are!"

Six Yellow13: "You're so bad at monopoly I sunk your battleship."

Seven Apsup: "Good news, you sank a battleship. Bad news, it was your own."

Eight Ettie: "Colonel Mustard. In the ballroom. With your MOTHER."

Nine Paul Gonzalez: "Oh I'm Sorry I thought we were playing Candyland not some little kiddie game."


Ten Hyperlite: ˙dıɥsǝןʇʇɐq ɹnoʎ ʞuns ʇsnɾ ʎןqɐqoɹd ǝʌ,ı 'sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı"

Here's what you need to do: vote. In the comments section below, write the number of the finalist you like best! Be aware that commenting more than once will result in ban hammerage. Ditto for any posts made that are not votes. So if you want to comment, make sure it's a vote and that's it.


Voting ends in 24 hours. Life, as they say, goes on.


I like #10 only because I have no idea how to make text backwards! I can read it just fine...I just can't produce it.