Phasers Set to Fun

Life in the 24th and 25th century wasn't all about shooting people with phasers, knocking around aliens and "making it so."

No, the Star Trek universe also has its share of fun diversions including a wide array of drinks, sports, games and even a video game that was highly addictive and sapped a person's will to live... no, not World of Warcraft.


Here for your viewing pleasure is a break down of some of my favorite Trek past times, very few of which have so far made it into Star Trek Online, according to our own embedded player Michael Fahey.


The holodeck and holosuite had to be a pivotal part of any Starfleet officer's downtime. This virtual world allowed you to create any environment, any person, anything to interact and play with. Think of it as the true take on video gaming in the 24th Century.

While traditional sports like baseball, cricket and water polo seemed to have all survived, new sports also cropped up including some that have smacking things with an ion mallet, controlling a buddy remotely or just beating the crap out of each other.


Of all of the innovations of the 24th Century, I am must fascinated by the surprisingly diverse selection of ales, wines, champagnes (even some not from France... or Earth) and fizz that have popped up.

The widest selection of pastimes seem to be in the selection of board and card games and brain teasers. My favorite of the lot? Fizzbin of course, which helped Captain Kirk escape the clutches of a group of unsavory Iotian gangsters.


Last, but most certainly not least, is The Game.


The Game was a holographic mind control device that was given to the crew as, well, a game to play. It ended up essentially hypnotizing them with flashes of lights in a plot to capture the ship. Why does that sound so familiar?

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