Petition for PC Dark Souls Actually has Legs; Will Namco Listen?

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"Internet petitions" rank right up there with "zillion dollar Xbox Live DLC" on my list of favorite subjects. We could spend all day writing about them, and they're still worth the paper they are printed on*. That said, a drive to get Dark Souls ported to the PC has traction, thanks to a Namco Bandai representative's comment to the community.


An admin on Namco's forums proposed that a huge petition demanding a PC Dark Souls would indicate proper enough demand to get his shop moving. So the Internet is calling his bluff, with a petition signed by 38,000 as of this writing.

Is that enough indication of market demand for a PC version of the game? Could Namco make money if it sold a copy to everyone who signed the petition so far? Does everyone who signed this petition intend to buy a copy for themselves instead of pirating it? Has admin shoupinou shot off his mouth and will he face the wrath of his employer and/or the Internet when Dark Souls is ultimately not released for the PC?

Who cares! Sign the damn thing. It should have been on PC anyway.

*Internet petitions are not printed on paper.

Dark Souls for PC [Petition Bureau]



I've been unhappy with Namco. Why would they make a PC version of a game when they can't even get their regular console releases outside of Japan? The Tales series has been a major sticking point for this (still waiting on Tales of Graces to actually come out...)