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Ten years ago today, the SEGA Dreamcast went on sale in the US. Peter Moore, who was working at SEGA at the time, looks back on the little console that could, but ultimately, couldn't.

Blogs Peter Moore, "I don't think it is an overstatement to say that the Dreamcast and it's online network laid the ground for what we all take for granted today - online game play, linking innumerable gamers from around the world to play, compete and collaborate, as well as enabling new content to be delivered in addition to that which was delivered on the disc."


The Dreamcast certainly pioneered home console gaming as we know it today, but ultimately was killed off by the ubiquitous Sony PlayStation 2.

Moore talks about the Dreamcast in greater depth on his EA Sports blog, so do check it out. Oh, he also throws SEGA Japan under the bus when he clears up a misconception regarding the console's demise:

The decision was made, from Japan, to pull the plug and begin the transition to becoming a multi-platform third party developer and publisher. We at SOA, while disappointed, were in full agreement that this was the only real course of action, and it was with a heavy heart that I hosted the conference call on January 31st, 2001, announcing that Sega was ceasing manufacturing of the Dreamcast console. The call on the decision was made by SOJ. The conference call to announce the decision was conducted by SOA.

9/9/99 – Ten Years After - Peter Moore Blog [Peter Moore Blog via Eurogamer] [Pic]

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