PETA Roasts Super Meat Boy With Tofu

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After using its game parodying powers to transform Super Mario Bros. and Cooking Mama into vegetarian-friendly fare, PETA sets its eyes on the indie scene with Super Tofu Boy. Is he really better in bed than Super Meat Boy?


Back in the day recording artists were sure they had made it big when Weird Al made a parody of one of their songs. I'm not saying Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat need validation; Super Meat Boy currently carries an average score of 90 over at Metacritic. Still, parody is a form of high praise, even if the PETA parody does completely emasculate their game's hero.

Super Tofu Boy features ten levels of puzzle platforming in the same vein as Super Meat Boy, only with a twist. In Super Tofu Boy, Bandage Girl leaves Meat Boy for Tofu Boy, and Meat Boy kidnaps her in response. Here's the game's description of Meat Boy:

Meat Boy is a vengeful, bloody cube of rotting animal flesh. And he smells. After a short-lived fling with Bandage Girl (sympathy dates, really), he became enraged when he was dumped for the tasty and satisfying Tofu Boy. Once Bandage Girl slept with Tofu Boy and saw all that he had to offer, it was bye-bye beef, hello bean curd. Enraged by his loss and lack of ability to compete with the badass that is Tofu Boy, Meat Boy snapped and kidnapped Bandage Girl-because if he can't have her, no one will.

The game is rather short and littered with pro vegetarian and vegan propaganda such as "vegetarians make better lovers." It's also free, which might help some ov3erlook said propaganda.

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You can play Super Tofu Boy right now on the PETA website.


Yankton, née Spacemonkey Mafia

Being sympathetic to vegetarianism, I am perpetually amazed by how tone-deaf PETA is in bringing attention to their causes. They seem to delight in perpetuating every negative stereotype our culture has about those who might be concerned about animal welfare or consumption.

'Course, they do have a thankless task in that our culture gets bizarrely, disproportionately upset over the idea of someone willingly not eating animals.

So I guess I revert to my default misanthropic outlook that everyone is ridiculous.