People Really Want That Other Scary-Cool Virtual Reality Headset, Huh?

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Small screens inches away from your eyes. Light beamed directly at your retinas. At this rate, the next war for cutting-edge display supremacy will be happening on your face. Sometime in the near future, the headgear showdown is going to be the Oculus Rift vs. the just-funded-twice-over Avengant Glyph. Ophthalmologists of the world, prepare!

We last saw this tech back in October, when it was dubbed as the Virtual Retinal Display. A new, sleeker prototype was shown off when a Kickstarter campaign launched two days ago and, faster than you can Double Fine Adventure, the hybrid headphone/display device blew past its funding goal. They asked for $250,000 and are currently at $552,207.


Avegant's promising that the Glyph will have built-in head tracking, which atches a feature added to the newest Crystal Cove iteration of the Oculus Rift that Valve's getting behind in a big way. The built-in audio solution, though, makes the Glyph more of an all-in-one device than the Rift.

Of course, consumer versions of both of these devices are still a ways off and who knows if they'll deliver on all of their promises. Still, it's my prediction that the coming Glyph vs. Rift Wars—which sounds like something Kilgore Trout would write—will leave a small but fervent subset of early adopters with bruised wallets and dangerously exhausted eyeballs. Then, decades later, people will stop talking to each other entirely.

Where do I sign up?

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Looks like it'd be hard for people who wear glasses to wear one of these at the same time.