The first thing I thought when I saw these was, hey, they look like the visors from the Final Fantasy movie. Then I sighed. The second thing I thought was, hey, these sound way cooler than the Oculus Rift.

Not that they will be, but upon reveal in this CNET hands-on, the tech running them certainly is different.


These specs are called the Virtual Retinal Display, and where they differ from stuff like the Oculus is that instead of simply sticking a pair of monitors really close to your eyes, they actually beam light onto your eyeballs in an attempt to mimic the way our eyes naturally perceive images.

Which sounds slightly terrifying, an impression not helped by prototype headgear, but the CNET reviewer here - who has a voice you could pour onto pancakes - seems pretty impressed.

The company behind it, Avegant, hopes to have a more consumer-friendly prototype ready by early 2014.

Avegant's Virtual Retinal Display prototype takes Oculus Rift-style immersion to the next level [CNET, via technabob]

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