People Are Competing To Be The Fastest At Google's Halloween Doodle

Is it any surprise that people are speedrunning the Halloween Google Doodle? Of course not—if a game exists, people will try to play it as fast as possible.

The Doodle, which is still playable, is a simple game where you play as a cat witch who fights ghosts by drawing patterns on the screen. The current world record holder, Infiaria, completed all five stages of the game in 5:04, beating out the last record holder, tSu_nAmi, by 13 seconds.

While one might assume this Doodle is best suited for a tablet, both Infiaria and tSu_nAmi used a mouse for their respective runs. Writing about his run on Reddit, tSu_nAmi said that he hadn’t mapped out the complete order of patterns yet, but, “I guess Infiaria has.”


This gripping rivalry will continue, once tSu_nAmi gets back from school.

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