Penny Arcade Expo Sched Hits

The official schedule for Penny Arcade Expo hit the PAX forums over the weekend. The fairly chunky schedule includes a nice cross-section of the gaming industry and the folks who cover it. Some of the highlights I noticed, from my quick perusal, includes: Ken Levine's keynote EndWar, Prince of Persia, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Dawn of War, This is Vegas, Dragon Age and Spore presentations The Growing Role of Women in the Industry Game Criticism and Old Game Journalism The Art of the Dungeon Master History of Harmonix Family Feud PAX Edition The Wil Wheaton Panel GamerDad's Gaming With Children Of course you've also got live music, movie screenings, the tourneys and a chance to see Tycho and Gabe create a strip live. Sounds like a fun time. Who's planning on going? The PAX 2008 Schedule [PAX]


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