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Pearl Jam's Backspacer Gets Day One Rock Band Release

Illustration for article titled Pearl Jams Backspacer Gets Day One Rock Band Release

Harmonix continues to jam as much Pearl Jam into Rock Band as they possibly can, with the band's 9th studio album, Backspacer, available for download on the day it's released.


Pearl Jam is releasing their 9th album without any major record label assistance on September 20th, but they've got a pretty strong support system in place, which includes Harmonix, MTV Games, and Target. The entire album will be available on Rock Band on the same day the album hits store shelves, with Target offering a special edition that comes with codes to download the tracks for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Those tracks include "The Fixer", a song that I'd be hard-pressed to place with a band had I not already known it was Pearl Jam. Nice to see the band changing things up, though I still firmly believe that lead singer Vedder has the craziest eyes in entertainment history.


Pearl Jam: 'Back' To The Future [Billboard via Rock Band DLC Twitter]

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Anyone one else think that TEN was the only Pearl Jam record that deserved game recognition?

Young Eddie Vedder FTW.