PC Players Have Already Figured Out How To Get Around Resident Evil Village's Demo Timer

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Resident Evil Village has a demo, but it’s been a stupid mess, with limited windows to play it and early access on only Playstation. But yesterday the time-limited demo went live on all platforms, including PC. Naturally, PC players quickly figured out a way to bypass the one-hour timer and play for as long as they want.


It shouldn’t be surprising that on a platform as open as the PC folks would quickly figure out how to get around Capcom’s silly 60-minute timer. It’s cute that Capcom even included the timer on PC. At least it gave folks something to poke at if they were bored.

This is the demo that Capcom originally was only going to let folks play for 24 hours. However, after the internet collectively went “What..?” and yelled enough, Capcom relented and extended the demo for a week.

Actually resetting the timer in the demo does involve a few more steps than “turn off and turn on” so I think a lot of folks won’t bother with resetting the timer.

But if you want to play more of the Village demo on PC, here’s how as spotted by Eurogamer.


Doing all this basically tricks the demo into thinking you’ve not played an hour and resets the timer. Repeat as necessary to play as much of the demo as you want, well until Capcom rips the demo and its servers down May 9.

Resident Evil Village releases on May 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC.



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