Resident Evil Village Gets New Demo (And Mercenaries Mode)

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Capcom held a special Resident Evil showcase to share some information about the upcoming Resident Evil Village, which is scheduled to release for just about every platform under the sun on May 7.


Starting later this month, fans will be able to spend more time with Resident Evil Village by way of a new demo. PlayStation players are set to get early access to the Village and Castle segments on April 17 and April 24 respectively, which they’ll be able to play for 30 minutes at a time.

Resident Evil (YouTube)

These demos will become widely available on all platforms with an expanded one-hour time limit on May 1.

The developers also announced that the popular Mercenaries mode is returning in Resident Evil Village. This side-game looks to be very similar to previous outings, challenging you to defeat as many enemies as possible and build up huge combos in a limited time.

New to Village’s spin on Mercenaries is the ability to customize your loadouts and choose unique abilities like HP recovery while shooting and increased damage to long-range attacks.

Resident Evil (YouTube)

Other details from Capcom included a partnership with Behaviour Interactive to bring Resident Evil content to Dead by Daylight as well as yet another port of Resident Evil 4, this time in virtual reality by way of the Oculus Quest 2. Details on these collaborations are still sparse, but Oculus plans to share more information about Resident Evil 4 on April 21.

The full Resident Evil presentation can be viewed below.

Resident Evil (YouTube)

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They give us 60 minutes to play the Demo. You just know that someone is gonna mod the demo so you can freely explore with no 60 timers lol