PC Gamers Can Play Ball For Only Three Dollars

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Baseball season is officially here, and GameStop's first pitch allows PC gamers to score MLB 2K10 for less than the price of a hot dog at the stadium.


2K Sports' MLB 2K10 might not have received the warmest reception when it came out, but it's certainly worth $2.99 to any PC baseball fan. GameStop is celebrating the opening of this year's MLB season with a one-day special on this year's baseball offering, making it available for download for only $2.99, $27 off the game's regular PC price.


Seeing as I normally pick up a baseball game once a year, play it for a week, and then trade it back in, this is an excellent way for me to get my fix without losing large amounts of cash.

It's a 7GB download, mind you, but look at it this way - that's less than $.50 a GB. Who can resist such a bargain?

Purchase MLB 2K10 [Gamestop - Thanks Michael!]

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I am not sure what stadium you go to, but at the stadiums here in Houston you aren't getting a hot dog for less that $9.