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PC FIFA Won't Get EA Sports' Next-Gen Engine

Illustration for article titled PC emFIFA/em Wont Get EA Sports Next-Gen Engine

Sorry, Master Race. That superduper Ignite Engine that EA Sports is bringing to its next-generation games? Yeah, it's not going to power any upcoming PC version of FIFA. That's per FIFA community manager Rob Hodson, who had this to say on Twitter.


Naturally, PC gamers did not react well.


The truth is that PC has been a dying, if not irrelevant, sports constituency for years, primarily in North America. Granted, that's in large part because EA Sports just does not support it. Of licensed sports simulation titles, the ones folks commonly associate with the genre, F1 2012, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, FIFA 13, NBA 2K13 and MLB 2K12 published for PC last year. (MLB 2K13 did not have a PC version this year.)

Madden NFL elected to stop publishing on PC back in 2008, a choice that's marked the platform's declining relevance in sports. Since then what strength it does have in the genre lies largely in management simulations like Football Manager, Out of the Park Baseball or Sega's MLB Manager Online.

FIFA 14 on PS4 and Xbox One uses the fancy new Ignite Engine - but the PC version doesn't [Eurogamer]


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I thought the whole point of the way the new consoles were being made was so it would be easier to make games across the board. I don't see why my 8 core AMD powered box with 16 GB of ram and a Bluray drive won't get the chance to play games designed for an 8 core AMD powered box with 8 GB of ram, a bluray drive, and some proprietary shenanigans.