Two months ago, we reported that some video content on the Xbox Live Video Marketplace was priced high. 720 points ($9 USD) for a one hour 720p video. That's changed, a little.

It seemed like the prices for Ring of Honor pro wrestling and M-1 Challenge MMA series were off. But Microsoft told Kotaku that they were not typos. HD Net, the network that puts them on, did not offer us an explanation.

Two months later, those prices have been dropped for Ring of Honor, but not for the MMA show.


Old ROH pricing (which looked suspiciously like someone put the resolutions of the clips in the price column):

New ROH pricing (which is still higher than than the 160/240points SD/HD seen for shows like ABC's Lost):


The new prices convert to $4 for SD and $6 for HD, for an hour of programming.

I had checked the prices a couple of weeks ago, and they had not yet changed. Thanks to reader Ravi for noticing that they finally dropped.

Pay-Per-P pricing lingers, but it's lost at least one foothold.