Microsoft: Pay-Per-"P" Video Marketplace Prices Were Correct

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The $9 price for one-hour episodes of some Xbox 360 Video Marketplace content was correct, the company said, following our post from yesterday.


Yesterday we reported that some content on the Xbox 360 Video Marketplace was priced in a way that seemed like it could have been a typo. High-def videos for some HD Net pro wrestling and MMA series are labeled at 720 Microsoft Points ($9). Standard-def was selling for 480 points.

"The specific videos you're highlighting are download-to-own, and are priced based on our agreement with the partner," a Microsoft spokesperson told us through e-mail today. (All TV shows on the Xbox 360 video marketplace are download-to-own).

We had asked if pricing was standardized on the service — many SD/HD TV episodes sell for 160/240 MS Points ($2/$3) — and who sets the prices. The prices for these Ring of Honor wrestling and M-1 Challenge mixed martial arts episodes were 480/720 ($6/$9).

"You'll notice that there is a common pricing structure," the spokseperson said. "But ultimately pricing is determined with the partner and varies depending on the content that is being offered."

HD Net has not returned Kotaku's requests for comment for the original report.



Seriously guys, you should check your facts. If you go to this webpage : []

It's the price list of DVD for ROH episodes, one episode per DVD. DVDs are normally 20$, on sale at 8$ right now, so the Marketplace pricing is actually CHEAPER than the DVDs. And the HD ones are slightly pricier than the DVDs, which normally retail for 20$.

You can argue all you want about if such a show is worth 8$, but the pricing is excellent compared to DVDs and is in no way wrong. Kotaku could have done some basic research and seen this. No need to make a fuss over this.