Past Meets Present In NBA 2K11's Latest Hype Vid

Snoop Dogg provides the theme, custom-fit to NBA 2K11, in a montage 2K Sports gave exclusively to IGN earlier today. Jordan on Kobe, the Bad Boys bringing it up, LeBron in Miami, Ewing with the up-and-under. It'll fire you up.

This is pure publicity, not gameplay. But it does show this year's game, thematically, will try to bridge eras like no NBA title has done before. Jordan's foul-line dunk toward the end, that was an All-Star Dunk Contest move, so it leads me to believe we'll see some unique slam animations with him in-game.

NBA 2K11 is out Oct. 5.

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Darth Tigris

Ok now they're just rubbing it in. We were going to buy you anyway but enough already!!!

So is there an HD version of this out there? This trailer just begs for the best presentation before I sent it of to my boys to get them pumped too.