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Parody Fairy Tale MMO Secondhand Lands Announced

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Described as an "eternal struggle between two sisters: Little Bo Peep and Little Red Riding Hood," the new MMO Secondhand Lands has just been announced and is currently in closed beta. The game, developed by Austin-based Callipygian, will be distributed Pixel Mind and will utilize their microtransaction system:

Said Callipygian founder and Secondhand Lands lead, "We chose to work with Pixel Mine because they offered us the best value for our company and our players. As an independent developer it is very difficult to find a distribution deal that gives us a package with everything we need to manage accounts and handle payments. Also, we are excited to be working with another Austin company; this town is rich with talent and services tailored for game creation."

From the website:

Secondhand Lands is the massively multiplayer online game set in a parody fairytale world. There will be none of those pansy elves or cantankerous dwarves in this land. Our heroes are comprised of the Wolves and the Sheep who have pledged their undying allegiance to Bo Peep or Little Red Riding Hood. Well, perhaps not undying...

Both the jaded MMOG veteran and new player will quickly find a place among the followers of the rival sisters (or perhaps as a Black Sheep or one the nefarious Wolves in Sheep's Clothing). Secondhand Lands boasts those features players have come to expect of the "big AAA" games along with a few surprises.


Sounds interesting, at the very least. I'm always up for clever parodies.

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