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Pangaya: Fantasy Golf Takes A Swing At The PSP

Illustration for article titled Pangaya: Fantasy Golf Takes A Swing At The PSP

A fresh round of adorable fantasy golf is hitting Sony's handheld this summer, as Tomy announces a North American release for Pangya: Fantasy Golf for the PlayStation Portable.


Based on the massively multiplayer golfing game Pangya, developer Ntreev brings the cutesy golf acton to the small screen, following relatively successful outings on the Nintendo Wii as Super Swing Golf 1 & 2. The game features the nine fantasy golf courses of Pangya Island, 18 adorable little golfers, and more customization options than you can shake a 9-iron at. Aside from golf, one of the main draws of Pangya is tricking out your characters in all sorts of freaky accessories, and the PSP version boasts thousands of unlockable accessories, outfits, and pieces of equipment to help build the strange little golfer lurking inside all of us.


The game also features several single player modes, from story mode to tournaments, along with single and team multiplayer tournaments for up to 8 players.

As a fan of Sony's Hot Shots Golf PSP series, I eagerly welcome any game that allows me to play dress up with anime golfers.

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Somewhat odd considering they've shut down their own PC version of the game.

It's a really fun game though. Super Swing 1 and 2 were both great times multiplayer and the single player was fun if the computer didn't just cheat their way to victory.